Permitus is an online contractor “pass” and “Permit to Work” issuing system. While allowing some limited independence for your local sites to appoint local contractors, it will ensure that all contractors meet your corporate minimum compliance levels. Permitus is fully customisable with your own generated question bank in addition to the defaults.


  • Establishes “Best Practise” by controlling access of contractors to your loca tions.
  • Permitus reduces your corporate financial risk by ensuring that all contractors meet your compliance requirements.
  • Generates essentail documentation with minimal paperwork.
  • Issues “Passes” and “Permits to Work” instantly at run time.
  • Processes local and group wide contractors.

How it works

  • When a contractor arrives at a location the authorised user will run through a process to issue a Pass and “Permit to Work” if appropriate, to the contractor.
  • There are 2 different procedures, one for a local contractor and the other for a group wide authorised contractor.
  • By following a simple online procedure the documentation can be issued to authorise the work onsite providing the minimum criteria is met. Failure to meet the minimum requirement will mean a pass/permit to work cannot be issued because of non-compliance.