Inductus is the quickest and most efficient way to build a strong foundation for your employee health and safety training. All employers have a legal obligation to properly instruct their staff on health and safety issues. Failure to do so can leave an organisation vulnerable to potentially expensive compensation claims should an accident occur. Inductus is an aid to health and safety training that can be used on the very first day with a new member of staff, or as a refresher course for an existing employee. Inductus ensures that employees are aware of possible risks and dangers in the workplace environment and records their understanding of the essential points of health and safety legislation. Inductus consists of four sections – three of which are fixed for all organisations, and a fourth that can be chosen to suit the needs of a particular company. The whole course is very easy to use, requires no computer skills, and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The user is tested throughout by means of multiple choice questions and by solving graphical image tests.

Key Features

  • Rich multi-media retains health and safety awareness
  • Meets day 1 legal requirements
  • multi-lingual English & Polish
  • Dramatically reduces cost and standardises presentation
  • No site licenses – reduces costs to large multi-site locations
  • Archives data directly to customer’s secure database
  • Instantly returns dcoumentation and certificate


  • Inductus does not require costly input or supervision time from managers. All that is needed is a configured personal computer and just one minute of administration time to start the course for each employee. The user can then be left to progress through the course at their own pace simply using the click of the computer mouse.
  • Inductus represents a dramatic cost saving when compared to face-to-face induction training as there is a minimal amount of supervisor time required. Using Inductus can assist your organisation in minimising insurance premiums by establishing “best practice” within your organisation.


  • Introducing Health & Safety at work
  • Employer’s Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Preventing Accidents
  • Manual handling
  • Computers and Display Screens
  • CoSHH, Labels and Signs
  • Fire Procedures
  • First Aid Procedures