It's important to know where your vulnerabilities are......

It's important to know where your vulnerabilities are......

The automotive industry is facing uncertain times. And when the industry is already vulnerable, it’s important we ensure compliance stays high so as not to compound our financial risk.

Organisations are reluctant to take on additional head office staff to fulfil roles which while essential, are not perceived as revenue earning. This poses obstacles for Financial, Compliance and Health & Safety Managers/Auditors tasked to cover an organisation in an efficient and timely way with limited resources. Critical business breaches or non-compliance cannot easily be monitored when there is so much to do and so few to do it. Financial risk can increase as a result. Seeing the final fruit of one’s labour “disappear over the horizon” can then lead to disappointment and disillusionment amongst some of our most essential head office personnel.

Designed specifically for the automotive industry, Censeo management and auditing tools are designed to be both instant (online), admin and travel reducing, speedy and easily monitored. Producing audit reports and setting tasks for managers can be available immediately on completion saving time. “Virtual Revisits” can significantly reduce or eliminate the need to revisit a location to confirm that high risk non-compliance is resolved by the upload of images and document as evidence.

Other automotive organisations have worked with us at Inductus, to tailor our solutions to their current practices and experience. To find out how your organisation can also benefit from our cost-effective solutions by contacting us at Inductus on 0845 680 0230.

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