A new approach to MOT Standards & Training

A new approach to MOT Standards & Training

Without a doubt 2021 has brought a great deal of discussion around the issues of MOT compliance and training. With organisations now planning their post-Covid 19 strategies there is an increased awareness that the DVSA will become more targeted in its inspections of MOT stations.

With the greater number of MOT stations being small independents, the concern is that the larger organisations carry the greatest risk of fines and unwanted publicity for non-compliance of MOT standards. “Joe Bloggs MOT Services fined” is not as good a deterrent headline as a well-known automotive organisation with a fine or some negative exposure on a TV programme regarding MOT standards and training failures!

Things you can do to reduce the risk:

  1. Get important buy-in from your key MOT staff by introducing “self-assessment” which they control, but you can monitor.
  2. Identify where the greatest financial risks are by effective quality control and standards monitoring and ensure highlighted areas are controlled within your company wide compliance system using your management hierarchy.
  3. Use external and internal methods based on cost-effectiveness, availability of qualified personnel, and the ability to integrate data.
  4. Build in extra redundancy. Do not rely on any one methodology, or software application, to protect your organisation. Take a holistic approach and don’t rely on a quick fix solution.
  5. Get a firm handle on the annual training throughout the year. Use eLearning to get all training done on a time managed basis rather than an “end of year” crisis.
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