Appraise is a purpose designed, on-line, employee Self-Appraisal system.

When a new employee is entered into the system for their first day the Sentinel diary programme will organise and manage both their initial Inductus health & Safety induction and their appraisals.

Different question sets are established for each department or grade and the employee (appraisee) simply assesses themselves followed by the appraisor prior to their appraisal interview.

Once the interview is completed and the grading process finalised between the appraisor and appraisee, Appraise will re-programme the next appraisal time and add the data to the management reports.

Appraise can also be customised to your corporate colour scheme and appear in your
organisation’s intranet with a link via your Sentinel secure portal as a company resource.

Appraise also incorporates a 6 monthly review and where a simple “appraisor input only” option where a full 180 degree appraisal is not thought appropriate.