Company Information

Inductus is a privately owned company and was formed in 1999. Inductus has been adopted as a day 1 health and safety induction amongst many of the automotive industry’s largest organisations, and provides online compliance and auditing software.


We have a closely knit team comprised of experts in software development as well as e-learning and design. As the use of computer technology and online solutions has become increasingly relevant to large organisations we have responded to our customer’s needs by adding new resources to the Inductus porfolio. We are passionate about technology and believe in its use to simplify business processes and reduce business costs. We are adept at working with our customers to develop successful solutions. We are proud that many of our new customers have come to us through referrals from existing customers.

Customer Base

From its origins in the automotive industry Inductus has moved into varied market sectors. Our solutions are suitable for large multi-site organisations spread over many locations.

Our Company

At Inductus we are dedicated to improving the relationship between employers and employees by making the best possible solutions available to enable the employer to fully meet their legal obligations and employees to have a healthy understanding of their responsibilities both to and of the management. Partnership, teamwork and agreed objectives are part of the culture we encourage.
All our solutions are based on our customer’s requirements rather than any perception of our own as to what what is required in the market place. Special attention is given to user friendliness and ease of use.
Inductus works very closely with industry professionals including health & safety consultants, training organisations and professional bodies. We are able to recommend professional consultants in many fields if required.
We also understand the needs of large organisations to have fully flexible and customised systems to achieve the best integration of a system within their organisation. We always seek to be part of a full implementation of the solutions being put in place.